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The best Swiss Patek Philippe Watches you can find

The Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Replica Watches Iced Out is a timeless classic, but the addition of an updated link bracelet brings its past to life. The gold mesh link bracelet and the Golden Ellipse have a long history – dating back to the first Golden Ellipse released in 1968, ref. 3548. This bracelet is very well made and almost unbelievably soft.

The name Golden Ellipse is purely descriptive in one sense – the shape of the case is an oval. However, it also reflects the inspiration for the case shape, the famous golden ratio. The definition of the golden ratio is fairly simple. You can construct a series of rectangles with these line segments and inscribe a logarithmic spiral into it, which will grow in length according to the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica golden ratio for every quarter turn.

The movement is Patek Philippe’s in-house extra-flat automatic Caliber 240, introduced in the Golden Ellipse collection in 1977 as ref. 3738. As the saying goes, this movement ages like a fine wine and is one of the finest automatic movements ever made.

The extra-flat movement is not deep enough to showcase the fine finishing, but given these limitations, the Best Patek Philippe Replica Caliber 240 is a beautiful piece of work. Every component is meticulously finished, including the polished dome of the stabilizing pin that holds the balance cock. The dial side of the movement is just as exquisite as the back.

All the jewels are located in mirror-polished countersunk holes on both sides of the movement; the three fixing pins of the balance cock are domed and mirror-polished on this side as well; the entire cock is decorated with perlage, unfolding in precisely overlapping circles, and the keyless winding and setting functions are exemplary – the Fully Iced Out Patek Replica steel parts are polished with straight grains, which sometimes receive a perfunctory treatment, but this is definitely not the case with the 240 movement.

The 5738/1R is undoubtedly a tribute to the history of the Golden Ellipse – thanks to the fact that the same basic case proportions have been retained over the years since 1968, as has every Golden Ellipse. This new model brings a classic configuration very elegantly back to Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse collection.

Patek Philippe ref. 5738/1R-001 Replica Swiss Movement: Case, 39.5 x 34.5 mm x 5.9 mm, rose gold, fully polished rose gold link bracelet, 363 elements; over 300 links attached by hand. Engraved folding clasp with three adjustment positions. Movement, self-winding caliber 240, 27.5 mm x 2.53 mm, 27 jewels, 21,600 vph; power reserve 48 hours. Spiromax balance spring; 22k gold mini-rotor.