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August 3, 2016, the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel, Breitling held 2016 new products reward activities, the event exhibited
Breitling in 2016 Basel International Watch Fair launched in the new watch, by the flight enthusiasts favorite air time
Series, in China’s popular Breitling Avenger series and both Breitling Replica Watches China the classic and both professional diving features super
ocean series of new watches, as well as Breitling’s first intelligent interactive watch, is also the most innovative
watch The

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches

The activities of the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai Rosamond Music Hall held on display, is the Breitling 2016
new watch, personally think that the most distinctive watch is Breitling’s first intelligent interactive watch, the
first interactive wrist Table posters in the event site can be seen everywhere, is also the most attractive of a watch.

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The new exhibition will be specially arranged in the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel Rosamonde Music Hall, Lions Hall to the
history of Chinese aviation as the theme, the wall solidification of the historical moment of China Airlines, carefully
display the precious aviation in kind and The aircraft Buy Breitling Replica Watches model gives the Lion Hall a different kind of “flying” feelings,
a strong aviation theme and Breitling brand DNA perfect fit.

Breitling the first intelligent interactive chronograph, the traditional watch and smart phones combined to achieve the
functional and operational experience of the overall upgrade. Bauhinia outer space timing B55 watch is a specially
designed for aviation professionals, are “future” wrist instrument, but also once again proved the brand in the field
of electronic timing pioneer status. Which watch is still showing excellent timing function. With a number of
innovative features tailored for pilots, such as electronic tachometers, up to 50 times the continuous timing of time
records, countdown / positive timing system.

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches

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New Breitlight? Material (the world’s first show) to create the case extremely strong, extraordinary light; in the
Breitling logo yellow tone and aviation molding digital time against the background, all black appearance is more cool.
Breitling self-made B12 automatic winding chronograph Cheap Breitling Replica Watches movement, for 24 hours when the military time to provide a steady
stream of power. Its innovative original strap from the rubber and ultra-durable military fiber fabric perfect
combination. Set bold and bold, unique and outstanding performance in one, no matter when and where there is no fear of

After the polished dark gray dial glowing texture of the charming luster, and black cumulative timer with each other,
showing a unique, high-tech, power sense of the full watch. Through the transparent sapphire table, Breitling self-made
01 movement and black pendulum at a glance, filling the brand in the field of mechanical chronology expertise. Global
limited sales of 1000.

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches

Satin sanded stainless steel case and engraved bezel, wrapped in high-strength carbonized black coat, with a rare
yellow dial to form a strong eye-catching color contrast. With 3000 meters waterproof performance, is a hundred years
of professional super diving watch. There are black rubber strap, high-tech military military fiber strap, Military
military rubber strap to choose from. Global limited sales of 1000.

Luxury Breitling Replica Watches

As a veritable “sea flight home”, Super Ocean 44 special edition watch with black and white dial stand out, with
excellent readability. Extremely strong black steel case by satin matte treatment, with high-tech ceramic rotating
bezel, waterproof performance of up to 1000 meters (3300 feet). Coated luminous coating of large pointer, digital and
time scale, to ensure that the dial even in the dark Luxury Breitling Replica Watches boundless deep sea is still clearly readable. This special edition
watch case size of 44 mm and with a safety valve, showing the Breitling brand’s original and technical style, equipped
with Breitling 17-type movement.

Summary: more than a century of watch innovation, eternal classic modeling, as well as for the aviation business of the
same dedication to witness the Breitling forward, whether it is the use of new materials, the new movement of research
and development, or new technology innovation, These are a glimpse of the endless spirit of pioneering spirit, and
fight “points” wins “second” hard work. The current part of the new Breitling has entered the Chinese market,
interested friends can go directly to the shop try on.